100 ML Made in France

Whisper promises of everlasting love, entwined with the richness of the earth, reminiscent of the roots that anchor a love that spans through time. Delicate and sweet lips of the Eternal Kiss.

As you embrace the scent of Rozzo, its velvety notes wrap around you, invoking the magic of an eternal moment, where love and passion intertwine like the petals of a red rose, perpetually blooming in the garden of memories…

Notes of Rose, jasmin, peach, oud, black currant, almond powder, peach, vanilla and caramel.

This powerful bouquet is captured in a heavy translucid red bottle of glass, revealing passion.

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Rozzo embodies the duality of existence. Unfolds as both sweet and earthy, delicate yet robust, made for those who revel in the exquisite balance between the untamed and the cultivated. It is an ode to embark on a sensorial journey that captures the essence of a kiss that lingers eternally..


Rozzo — Italian for raw, rough, coarse — is a scent defined by its untamed beauty. Rugged and radiant, this perfume blends notes of rose, peach, and oudh. It’s a mixture that blossoms into a fragrance both sweet and earthy, a complement to all those who are wild at heart.It begins with rose: tender, feminine, alluring. This centers us in the heart as we move on to peach, which adds a juicy and fruity twist. Together, these scents join into a lively, buoyant aroma. This base makes Rozzo the perfect familiar fragrance for daytime wear.But something moves beyond these delights. The woody scent of oudh brings Rozzo its rugged and earthy edge. Made from the resin of the agar tree, this exotic ingredient is known as one of the most soughtafter on earth. It adds depth beyond the lightness of rose and peach, stirring in a muscular masculinity that results in an intoxicating pair.


Captured in a ruby-red bottle that flickers with the same tantalizing glamour, Rozzo is an enchantment. The red translucid body and golden accents match Rozzo’s disruption, announcing a passionate love that spans the ages.


Rozzo’s dynamic profile always makes a statement — whether you are out for a night of untamed fun or a day of fierce productivity. Burning with that combustive mix of feminine and masculine features, this perfume is sure to ignite your life.



Alcohol denat, Parfum, Limonene, Coumarin, Linalool, Citronellol, Geraniol, Alpha isomethylionone, Benzyl cinnamate, citral, cinnamyl alcohol, Farnesol, Benzyl benzoate.



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