Our Story

Our Maison

In the sun-kissed heart of Grasse in South of France, our workshop is more than a mere fragrance-making haven; it is a sanctuary where immortal emotions come to life.

Our Inspiration

In the Atelier des Sens, inspiration is drawn from the legends of antiquity, epic tales, and the immortal gods of mythology. A quest for the absolute, purity, rarity, exceptional; a skillful blend of the traditional expertise of High Perfumery in Grasse and the modernity of digital and innovation…
Each fragrance we create is a tribute to divine power and timeless elegance.

Our Fragrances Are Olfactory Art

Our perfumes are portals to forgotten worlds, elixirs of the gods designed to awaken the senses and touch the souls. Olfactory odes that capture the eternal struggle between shadow and light, a passionate quest in the depths of life, a perfect harmony in duality.