Haute perfumery for men and women
a bottle of perfume on a rock

Our Maison

In the sun-kissed heart of Grasse in South of France, our workshop is more than a mere fragrance-making haven; it is a sanctuary where immortal emotions come to life.

Our Inspiration

Our perfumes are portals to forgotten worlds, elixirs of the gods designed to awaken the senses and touch the souls. Olfactory odes that capture the eternal struggle between shadow and light, a passionate quest in the abyss of life, a perfect harmony within duality….


Elixirs of Gods

Our Fragrances
A kingdom of aromatic allure that lingers in the heart and soul of those who encounter your majestic presence.
A very nuanced whisper of notes dancing upon your essence, enrapturing your singularity.
a bottle of perfume on a rock with flowers and cherries in the background


a spell transcending times

A luxury potion reminding of ancient incantations. An intricated tapestry of scents, each layer is a symphony of sophistication and pure opulence. This aromatic masterpiece beckons the soul to embrace the unknown with an unwavering and comfident spirit… Notes of tobacco, honey, white flower, cherry.

a bottle of perfume on a table


eternal kiss

Rozzo embodies the duality of existence. Unfolds as both sweet and earthy, delicate yet robust, made for those who revel in the exquisite balance between the untamed and the cultivated. It is an ode to embark on a sensorial journey that captures the essence of a kiss that lingers eternally… Notes of peach, oud and roses.


guardian of joy

Spiros is an effusion of happiness, a jubilant symphony that captures the essence of life’s vibrant exuberance. It is an invocation of life’s joyous moments, inviting you to savor the summery refreshment that awakens the adventure within any instant. Its emerald bottle echoes the verdant hues of nature symbol of life-giving power. Notes of watermelon, amber, vanilla, wood, and cinnamon.


Discover all three fragrances in this elegant coffret.
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